Monday, October 12, 2015

Wrong by Jana Aston

** 1,5-2 “no, not funny” STARS ** 

“Luke, I want you to c*m in my ass, okay? I want to feel you dripping out of me when we’re done.”

“You filthy, little b*tch, you’re gonna be the death of me.”


My poor 'lil vag was desert-dry the whole way through the book.

Yes, shocking, I know. ALL the sex scenes gave me the feeling that I was watching a VERY bad amateur porn video. You know, one of those that you can find on the deepest corners of the internet?


Sophie Tisdale is a college student, who also works as a barista at a coffee shop and her favourite time of the day is when Luke, the hottest guy she’s ever seen in her life, walks in every day to order his regular and lets her watch his muscles all tight and hard inside his expensive suits.

Sophie has a problem: She is still a virgin… So in order to finally get rid of her V-card with the help of her boyfriend, she decides to go the gynecologist, get examined, and get started on birth control. But a little surprise is waiting for her when he gets to the clinic…because “coffee-shop Luke” is actually Dr. Luke Miller, Chief of Obstetrics, which means that her fantasy crush is a gynecologist. HER GYNECOLOGIST. 


So why only 2 stars? 

#1 // The incredibly disgusting fact that Sophie actually orgasms while getting a pelvic exam.

I really like how that feels, the pressure from above with his finger inside of me. I clench on his finger involuntarily and feel a small spasm ripple through me. Oh my God. I think I just had an orgasm. Holy sh*t. Did he notice? It was small. Maybe he didn’t notice.

Some of you might already know that I'm a Med student who will hopefully graduate this year to become a doctor. Which is why I believe what Sophie did was an absolute harassment of her gynecologist. And NO, I don't care whether Dr. Miller was sporting an erection at the time or not, because it REALLYdoesn't matter. 

I have given urological exams to men during my medical education, and I have to sadly say that some of my patients used those times to make sexual innuendos and try to turn the innocent examinations into sexual acts. I wanted to crawl out of my own skin EACH AND EVERY TIME that happened. So excuse me when I get appalled by what Sophie does, because it is no different than what those men did to me.

And how the author thought it was a good idea to make it all look okay by using the conversation below, like what happened isLuke's fault because he is good-looking, is beyond me:

“Was is good for you? (…) B*tch, I know you enjoyed it. At least a little.”

“You think there’s something wrong with me, don’t you?”

“Sophie, no. That guy has no business being a gynecologist. It’s not fair to women.


#2 // The fact that Luke practically is Christian Grey minus the over-the-top kinky f*cking.

Luke is always in a proper suit and apparently is rich.

Luke likes to watch Sophie sleep.

Luke likes smacking Sophie's ass when he gets impatient with her.

Luke likes kissing Sophie in elevators.

Luke hates when Sophie doesn't reply to him fast enough.

“Sophie, I’m not talking to myself. I asked you a question and I expect a response.”

Luke knows he's not “worthy” of Sophie, but he can't help but want to own and keep her.

“I should leave you the hell alone, let you find someone more suitable, but I feel selfish about you.”

Sounds a bit familiar, huh?


#3 // The rather unrealistic way Luke asks Sophie to come to Thanksgiving with him to meet his family and then calls her his girlfriend out of nowhere, ONLY MAYBE 1 WEEK INTO THEIR SORT-OF-RELATIONSHIP!


#4 // How Mr. Gynecologist, who is rather “obsessive” about protection during sex by the way, finds nothing wrong with (view spoiler)


OVERALL: A disaster, in my opinion. I read this book only because I know Jana Aston as J.A. Huss' assistant and wanted to give her a chance. I was disappointed and didn't enjoy this story at all, but that doesn't mean that I won't be giving her another chance, nor does it mean that anyone else that reads it might not like it. 

Give it a try, b*tchez. Hope you like it more than I did...

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